Do a good job in the food and beverage industry to do dead face


venture to master various skills, not only is the mode of operation skills, doing things have some skills, that is "shameless", do the catering industry   to be "dead shameless". So in the end is what kind of "shameless" it?. Let us know.

There is a saying:

and those without business experience of the restaurant boss, regardless of the experience, insight, volition, methods, nature will be greatly reduced, although usually buy a few of the catering books front loaded, but the lack of combat experience, can really understand the true meaning of the book, it is less and less. So, since entering into the catering industry in the gold rush, we should recognize the goal, fully applied, no matter how difficult, must be "hardened" if it is, try holding the mentality in the catering, fishing for three days, two days of drying, then the business day high also won’t have much repair.

Second, the waiter to "shameless" spirit

but customers seem to forget, the waiter was born poor, mostly from rural areas, with the lack of a good education environment, because of the need to change the fate of themselves and their families, they had to work in the city, if the family conditions, which children are willing to live in such a ring is recommended

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