Analysis of jewelry shop decoration point

in the market, there are a lot of jewelry stores, we will find that the decoration of fashion stores will get the attention of customers. Merchants in the jewelry shop, but also to pay attention to the decoration of the store. Good decoration, so that the store’s market sentiment continues to improve. The following is to introduce the jewelry shop decoration points, hope to help you quickly renovated stores.

, window design. The window is the eyes of the store, the store is a collection of commodity elite and display platform, focused on the store’s most sensitive information. Jewelry store window should be in the form of layered.

two, sign design. In the most bustling commercial street, large and small, every kind of jewelry store is the first consumer a superb collection of beautiful things, often browse, and looking around the shop from it. Therefore, the jewelry store design has a high degree of generalization and a strong attraction of the jewelry shop signs, jewelry store design design of the consumer visual stimulation and psychological impact is very large.

three, wall and color design. Jewelry shop decoration design is mainly the choice of wall decoration materials and colors, the use of wall. In fact, the decoration of the interior decoration shop layout is the main use of the wall. Can the dark wall light colored foil jewelry; can also mirror decorative wall, can enhance the brightness of jewelry, is also convenient for the customer to try; can log wall decoration materials, classical and modern perfect fit, Fangxian personality charm. Four, the name of the design. The shop design name is invisible wealth, is an invisible jewelry store decoration design. The shop design store should position themselves to a unified style at the beginning, this point, will start from the name.

each store is to be renovated, we should attach importance to this issue. Store environment, good service, in order to attract the attention of consumers. Therefore, we should pay attention to the decoration of the store. Join jewelry store, we have to know a lot of decoration details, good store decoration, so that the rapid development of the store.

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