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family event is best done at the age of 35

finally, self inspection and regular screening, especially after the age of 30 women should be checked regularly every year. Check the contents include: the nipple without depression, lift, nipple discharge; breast bump and dimple in position; breasts are the same, there is no color change.

breast hyperplasia will not only affect the human spirit, such as breast hyperplasia, often there will be anger, tension, anger, anxiety, depression and other obvious emotional changes, may also lead to cancer, studies have shown that the risk of breast hyperplasia canceration than normal women increased by 2 times -4, clinical symptoms and signs sometimes confused with breast cancer. Therefore, it is particularly important to prevention of breast hyperplasia: first of all, should adjust good mental state, because of adverse psychological factors such as anxiety, excessive excitement of sadness, can cause neurasthenia, will aggravate the endocrine disorders, the increased hyperplasia so women with poor psychological bearing less angry, maintain emotional stability.

incidence of breast hyperplasia accounted for the first female breast disease. In recent years, the disease incidence rate showed a rising trend year by year, age and younger. The survey shows that about 70%-80% of women have varying degrees of breast hyperplasia, of which 25 to 45 years of age the most common women.

breast experts, breast hyperplasia patients received from breast clinic in view, the number of women older and unmarried and had no children or not feeding over milk and depression at most. So, the female fertility event is best done at the age of 35. Postpartum lactation should as far as possible, and has maintained a cheerful mood, don’t sulk, do not be too anxious and irritable.

30 years after the age of women should be regularly checked

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second, changing eating habits, eat less fried foods, sweets and excessive tonic food, should eat more vegetables and fruits, eat more roughage. Ensure regular life work and rest is not less. Keep the stool will reduce breast pain, can play a preventive effect on hyperplasia of mammary glands.

(internship editor: Zheng Yanjun)

in addition, breast experts remind, breast hyperplasia in the clinical manifestation of pain, swelling, once the female feel with the shoulder, back, arm pain, should be the first to breast specialist breast examination, to avoid delaying the disease. Although patients with hyperplasia of mammary glands in some people through self adjustment after spontaneous remission, some not birth can be improved by adjusting the autologous endocrine of pregnant and lactating, but more patients still need conditioning treatment with drugs.

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