Entrepreneurship can get credit Wuhan a college said the company can get 50 credits

under the influence of entrepreneurial boom, many college students have begun to stir up trouble, but how to take into account the academic and career, plagued countless young students entrepreneurship. Currently, Wuhan, a college credit policy to promote entrepreneurship, open the company can change 50 credits.

"entrepreneurship for students in credit transfer, ensure that students learn the professional basic courses and professional basic conditions, students can cross discipline and professional knowledge required to choose entrepreneurship courses, students from the college and the students together to develop personalized training program. In this scheme, no more than 50 credits can be transferred." Programme provisions. Since the introduction of the policy, many students are looking forward to, but there are a lot of students hold a wait-and-see attitude.

opposition: entrepreneurship can substitute for class

Since the

for the policy, many students also have a lot of doubts: how to evaluate the enterprise credit replacement standard, what is entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship and to what degree can get credits? If you fail to get credit?


mode of Cultivating Innovative TalentsSome of the doubts

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