How much is the fee to join waltmal sanitary wares

bathroom supplies, has been a very choice of status. As we demand for quality of life gradually improved, for business with a small capital entrepreneurs, is a very powerful choice. How about the sanitary ware? Quality projects, worry free business, you deserve!

people’s demand for bathroom products is very large, with the concept of change in people’s daily home, high-quality sanitary ware products is a good choice for the public. How much do you need to join the sanitary ware? 45 thousand and 800. What is it like? It has a unique design concept, from the appearance and practical value, compared to other brands, are better, choose the right to join the sanitary ware, business opportunities, bright future!

joined the design ideas Chinese waltmal sanitary ware culture and modern fashion of combining the design style of simple and noble style, exquisite detail, functional and practical, very convenient and very aesthetic appearance of humanized shower products; to create a comfortable, relaxed and free shower living space for every consumer.

join advantage:

waltmal sanitary ware

1, brand value advantage: as of thirty years of development of the state-owned appliance brand, as A Well-Known Trademark in China waltmal since 1992, the first successful washing machine off the assembly line in Hefei, waltmal brand image is embedded into the people’s mind, especially 60-70-80’s consumers do not know not waltmal brand.

2, brand positioning advantage: waltmal after a lot of market research, in the understanding of the basic current situation of sanitary ware industry on the waltmal sanitary ware positioning for the end product, the price range of reasonable distribution, y meet the low-end consumer demand for the region below the county level, forming a strong competitive advantage.

3, cooperative capital: waltmal sanitary wares and brands and the same location of the bathroom brand compared with a high cost, low threshold for the first time cooperation, y alleviate the financial pressure on dealers at all levels.

4, product quality advantages: how much is the cost of joining waltmal sanitary ware? Implement the original zero defect product management system, the quality of each product strictly, so that each product is a quality product.

5, support the policy advantage: the company to join the high waltmal sanitary ware store decoration subsidies and advertising business support, the implementation of 1:1 reimbursement policy. And in order to allow dealers to better carry out terminal propaganda, the company also introduced you to join me to send a car discount activities.

6, service maintenance

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