Ask for 188 thousand off her boyfriend bride actively looking for people who want to talk

love to get married is not an easy thing, both sides need to understand and work together. Recently, a man because of the woman’s home for 188 thousand bride away, the woman is actively looking for a boyfriend, what do you think about this thing?

however, Xiaoqin parents suggested that Chen to come up with 188 thousand yuan price, and gold jewelry and gifts. Xiao Chen, together with the wedding expenses, he wanted to come up with nearly 250 thousand yuan. Chen was this gift scare away.

2 28, Xiaoqin back home and found that Chen and his all things suddenly disappeared, then she can not contact her boyfriend. Go to work to ask Chen, just know her boyfriend had to resign, the friend asked, that Chen left because betrothal gifts pressure, family opposition and other reasons.


but recently, Xiaoqin to cover Fuzhou mountain police station. After the police understand, Chen has returned to his hometown after the resignation of Ningde. Xiaoqin said, will go to Ningde and her boyfriend to talk about.



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