90 college students the most beautiful documents according to popular

passport in our life is very common, whenever people mention Jianzhao is a face of obscure, because it is our photo ID card, passport or other ugly people are very helpless.

speaking of passport, just take over who can spit out a few words in those years, we took the picture cannot bear to think of the past". Can not help but we can not leave it, identity cards, student cards, diplomas, find a job…… From time to time it will appear, so that documents according to the ugly people. Look at the value of the yen in the world, Jiujiang’s 4 90 college students have aimed at the inside of the business opportunities, opened the studio started to shoot the most beautiful documents according to the business. Although the price is higher than the average three or four times higher than the document, but ran this "the most beautiful" word, fans after another.

college students after the start of   shoot the most beautiful documents according to touted

Jiujiang University in the vicinity of a residential building, the wall hung a small sign — the most beautiful studio, went into a hut to photography studio tools of thirty square meters of the corner also placed Goods are available in all varieties., a dresser, the most beautiful work room is one of the founders of the small Yin to help customers make-up, make-up, small Yin with the customer sitting in front of a blue screen shot. Reporters found that the customer from the beginning to the end of the film is to maintain a smile, Xiao Yin has been communicating with the customer input  , in the filming process also deliberately amused customers.

"most of the passport you also did not sit for you has been finished, so making a very stiff, we’ll be shooting process and customer chat, laugh in makeup and relax customers, so that the shoot out of nature." Yin said, the traditional photo shoot, "Kacha, Kacha" a few minutes away, face stiff, dull eyes, such as how to look up documents.

according to Yin, the most beautiful studio now has a total of four small partner, founder of Yin Xiao Xue and just graduated from university last year, the other two are college students in Jiujiang University. Because of the love of photography, four people became good friends, when Xiao Yin proposed to do the most beautiful studio idea, the other three have joined.


"the first encounter with the dream, is your most beautiful photo." This sentence is a small Yin for the studio to do a group of propaganda words. According to Xiao Yin, in order to achieve the best effect, they strive to create a pleasant environment before they take pictures, pictures will give the customer makeup, they take pictures and customer jokes amused, allowing customers to relax, to show the natural smile. After filming, they will modify the photos, but refused to transition PS. Finally, the customer can get a good set of photos and negatives from the studio

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