Gambia Fujiao China Taiwan on a diplomatic truce when questioned

Chinese is a state of ceremonies, attaches great importance to friendly exchanges with other countries recently, Chinese Gambia Fujiao incident, has been questioned by Taiwan, the specific details of Xiaobian a look!


3 reported on 18   the foreign media reports, Chinese, announced in March 17th and the West African country of Gambia, China, Taiwan expressed regret, and questioned China, terminate on both sides of a "diplomatic truce" in the ruling party on the occasion of the time.

reported that when the Taiwan ruling party, the Taiwan authorities handover of power on the occasion, Beijing suddenly terminated a "diplomatic truce", be regarded as to incoming Taiwan leader elect Cai Yingwen, and will soon begin a comprehensive ruling Democratic Progressive Party warning.

reported that this action, it is because the time has not yet to the offensive, "5· 20" Taiwan authorities the power transfer time; it is in reason, because Beijing is a diplomatic action, to remind the future of the Democratic Progressive Party authorities on both sides of the relevant statement is very important.

reported that, to some extent, the pressure on Beijing, not as a compromise approach. Because the choice and Gambia established diplomatic relations, rather than other countries, because Gambia as early as November 2013 just announced and Taipei "diplomatic", while Beijing has been looking forward to care for the eyes, but Beijing and Taipei based on the cross-strait policy of so-called "diplomatic truce" tacit understanding, completely disregarded, so there was no "state of Gambia and recommended Taiwan

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