Compared with the store shop 6 bad habits of thinking

at the beginning of a very few people open shop, because the shop has just begun to implement, very few, so no one dare. Internet thinking to be able to instill penetration into the store, one of the most important and the core is to please, and meet the customer oriented, pay attention to customer interaction, and the combination of Internet technology, the store will gradually transform into a "digital store optimization".

1, just look at how people do, regardless of who I was

2, only consider their own to sell what kind of goods, regardless of who the customer is

3, only consider the price, do not consider the basket number

what is the price and the number of baskets? If your average customer price is 50 yuan, which is a single guest goods, or more than three goods, the meaning is completely different.

4, only consider the merchandise gross margin, do not consider the goods "turnover rate"

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