8 new media venture idea concern

era of science and technology, the rapid development of the media industry, many new media entrepreneurial ideas emerged, won the favor of many entrepreneurs. The following eight new media business ideas bursting with popularity, the hope can bring some entrepreneurial inspiration for everyone.

1. friends APP

2. men socks

3. star sinks

and on the mobile Internet application community there is no fans. In the case of the number of APPSTORE submissions exceeded 1 million, but also to find a piece of application developers have not been involved, is rare. So the integration of these 3, it should be an interesting application.

4. privacy guard

"privacy guards" focus on the field of protecting the privacy of mobile phone, Android has done the best on the market of privacy protection products, mainly for high-end users, the direct payment of fees, to provide the best products and services for high-end users.

products after nearly a year of continuous upgrading and improvement, we have accumulated the core technology, Android is now on the market the best privacy protection products, whether from the concealment, security and functional aspects are the strongest. Its profits are mainly from the membership fee (divided into ordinary VIP members and senior VIP members), advertising fees (through the application of the recommended revenue), software customization fees (some special users need to customize the product)

5. mobile intelligent teaching platform

u read ALC

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