A few words to benefit from doing business

a lot of words, sounds like a lot of people feel disapproval, but in the course of the actual operation of the business, but it really has a great help. In fact, the shop to do business, will encounter a lot of people every day, a lot of things happen, there are a few simple words have always been in my mind, I have a great deal of business, and even make me feel the benefit of life.

goods do not earn money,

just opened the shop that, due to lack of experience, the goods are always incomplete, looking at the customer did not want to buy something, disappointed to turn to other stores, I always regret how did not expect to enter this commodity. Neighbor uncle Cao sitting in front of the door to see me often, then I called the past, sincere words and earnest wishes said: "the children, you know just to do business, there are many things that you have someone to buy goods immediately to write on paper, and then to purchase, can not let people down again when the two time. Also, make some time to go around other supermarkets, there will be a few hearts. You have to keep in mind this sentence: not all goods do not make money."

then, I take this sentence as truth, still retains the odds and ends of sewing small objects like, let the customer know my shop is full of goods, not to disappointed. Thank you uncle Cao’s words, let me train the old customers.

can not do it "


a few years ago, I opened a small shop next to a supermarket. I secretly worry about the loss of customers, thinking about how to get back to customers. A few days later, a friend of cloud to my shop, do not want to say a word: "the boss is cheap, buy a few jins egg to round up, take out a few times, 10 Fen does not let, 5 dollars 1 cents, also received the 10 Fen, she said not to make money…… Haggle over."

I heard this, I thought of a way. Every time the customer to buy things, 12 Fen cents a fraction do not accept, even if it is to buy a small piece of money two dollars, even if only earn the 20 Fen, I will not receive. As time goes by, customers know that I have this habit, and sometimes the 12 Fen cents to find them a fraction of the time, they do not, said: "well, you do not often do not."

After a year without

, the small supermarket customers are scarce, put up the shutters. I thanked my friend’s words: "do not worry about".

"don’t compromise"

years ago, a customer in my shop to buy a box of "Taishan (white general)", and then come back, accusing me of cigarettes is false, I have to ask him to pay a box. In all sorts of explanations to no avail, I’m afraid of the impact of the store image, wanted to leave him for a pack of cigarettes. I can’t afford to see Zhang in my store

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