Chongqing five small business skills

as a business people, business skills are the basic skills of their survival, take the food business, in recent years, the form of relatively hot Chongqing is small. Chongqing side of the night after the explosion of red and then the success of the franchise stores everywhere so that entrepreneurs believe that the starting point of the perfect career is a small shop. So many people want to do something, but also want to share a share of this craze, but many entrepreneurs are new, how to successfully operate a small Chongqing is a problem to be studied.

with the development of the times and the economy, in addition to a few special industries, and now more and more industries, 80, 90 has become the main consumer in the restaurant, especially in this line. Because they do not have the habit of cooking at home and tradition, coupled with busy work and study, three meals a day out of the solution has become a habit. So, as a small Chongqing franchisee, we should grasp and do a good job marketing is such a group.

Chongqing five small business tips

1, do their own marketing.

content that is marketing, service that is communication, experience will be involved in communication.

about the content: the first door is the biggest marketing, to create a good first impression to the customer.

on the service: the boss personally asked the guests views and consumer experience, to maintain communication with customers, through the service staff to establish communication with customers.

experience: to create a sense of participation, will stimulate the spread. Give customers a reason to spread you.

2, the use of large data analysis.

real consumption, not what I want to do, but what the customer let me do. In charge of the consumers to signal you, capture data, get the value of. For example, click on the menu guide menu replacement. Scientific data to ensure that the role of marketing and not deviate, the customer is a unique signal, the value passed to you, so that you know what to do.

3, create and lead new products.

no one is doing the market blank, there is a chance. Marketing is not equal to propaganda, is not equal to any channel, the key lies in what you have, how to develop new products, how to do creative.

4, to create 80, 90 screaming products.

think what they did right?. Changes in form, packaging, appearance

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