How about tea tea selected tea maker

with the growth of the global economy, people’s living standard has been a very good promotion, consumption concept has also been a big change, take Chinese, people for the consumption of food is not only limited to the feed level, but requires good food. For this beverage sales industry, tea demand unprecedented surge. Global tea market demand continues to rise, China’s tea market to grow at an annual rate of 20%-30%, the future of China will become one of the country’s largest tea consumption! With the improvement of people’s living standards, milk tea is not simply to quench thirst, but also to enjoy a taste of consumers, a mood, a pleasant pursuit of high quality.

tea how selected tea tea maker?

vitamin + fiber + trace elements + tea polyphenol = nutrition and health and fresh fruit

+ vegetables + milk = natural dessert taste compound!

dynamic spring + warm summer + power autumn + cure winter = a year of hot non-stop!

Taiwan Jiangxin tea, just a few seconds out of the cup, taste fresh and of 1-2 people will be able to operate, customers buy with go, wait for low rate, low-cost sales, nearly 70% of the gross profit income!

green tea tea to join the advantages:

6-10 square meters, in the shop to table milk based, decoration design to cool blue as the keynote, white collocation makes hot summer more cool, unique charm, simple is not simple!

theory guide – headquarters free management manual;

practical guide to professional market – based evaluation of site personnel on cooperative store; headquarters free store design drawings, and external image display made by the company uniform, beautiful and durable, save money; headquarters to provide various promotional activities of the operation guidance and planning business promotion activities; headquarters to the gold medal manager professional training;

shop in the process of decoration of the shop, take away the expansion, different industry alliance cooperation; headquarters to provide 3+2 professional training; headquarters of professional logistics timely, safe facilities, raw materials distribution to your store;

headquarters to provide guidance and promotion activities of the cross industry alliance planning; headquarters regularly sent professional trainers for business cooperation include product knowledge, store management, service skills, financial management, standards, inventory management and other professional training!

above is a simple introduction to the tea maker tea brand, if you want to continue to understand the brand, and would like to join the idea please stay below our website >

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