Entrepreneurs choose the project easy mistake what

chose to start a lot of people, but the real choice of business opportunities for people who are very limited. In short, the choice of the project is the first step towards success, the rest is to adhere to, and "good good study, day day up"! However, a large part of the entrepreneurs in the choice of the project will be a problem, entrepreneurs choose entrepreneurship projects often make a few mistakes:

1, unable to resist the temptation to choose the project looks beautiful!

this is the most entrepreneurs are most likely to make mistakes, not only that, a lot of successful entrepreneurs in the second venture or venture many times, so that the investment process, the same will make such mistakes.

entrepreneurs choose the project, Wang choice heterosexual, just as a single for many years after all, which is normal and hormonal impulses of man, can resist the temptation of charm. Heroes can’t get through, and we’re not heroes.

in the face of such temptation, entrepreneurs often issued such praise: this, too beautiful! Not only that, most people around you will be the same as you praise.

yes, she may be really beautiful, but calm down, she, is it yours? You have the ability to control her? She will marry you? Make sure she doesn’t stray?

wake up, if you can’t HOLD, just watch a Japanese love action movie, YY!

2, do not overestimate the point of their own resources!

If your

is because they have the resources, on the road of entrepreneurship, then it must be calm to evaluate your resource on your hand is controllable, if it is not controllable resources, or persuade you don’t take this too seriously resources! The controllability of the resource includes two parts, the first is to ensure that the resources are controlled in your own hands, rather than how you have a good friend how to have what kind of resources; the second is that you have the ability to realize resources!

3, lack of expertise to cover key aspects of the project!

you are good at, must cover the key link of your selected project.

if you are good at only one part of the project, in the industrial chain, other sectors will greatly diversify your experience, make you good at play, every increase of one link, will be reduced by 10% of success. Let’s say you are good at design, because this point made a very fine products, you will feel this product will be recognized, in order to obtain entrepreneurial success, but are you sure in the late stage of sustainable product design optimization to get the advantage > upgrade

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