Chengdu nternet plus business leaders summit this afternoon opening

It will bring new opportunities and challenges

Internet plus era for the majority of entrepreneurs, the industry has also been explored to discuss how to move forward. In January 28th, "Internet plus business leaders summit will be opened at the Jinjiang Hotel Chengdu, to explore the future development mode of commercial China.

2015 in December 3rd, the ant gold business school announced the establishment of Huaxi city newspaper Huaxi branch, providing services and support for entrepreneurs. After more than a month of intense preparations, west campus has been officially completed. The specific site at the summit for the first time announced.

informed ant gold dress business school west campus was established after the news, Liu Shengjun said the mode of operation is very optimistic about the ant payment service business school, huaxi. Ant gold business school to do is the Internet era of ecological sharing business school. The establishment of the West Branch, the goal is to entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs do a good knowledge of the connector.

on the upcoming Internet plus "EMBA class", Liu Shengjun said that this mode of business education is very good. Internet plus "EMBA class" in addition to secret ant gold clothing, a classic case of Alibaba, will also be invited to teach the experience of successful entrepreneurs. Recommended

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