Honesty can promote business transactions

business to be able to clinch a deal, and now a lot of shopkeepers have resorted to all the best, but if some of the basic principles of doing business is not sure, I am afraid that will only make business transactions fail. In fact, the integrity of the business will be able to promote business transactions, the following let Xiaobian introduced a few cases to illustrate.

there is a surname of the mainland people to travel to Hongkong, because his eyes have myopia, he is always wearing disposable contact lenses. This time he went to Hongkong, he went to the place where he bought glasses and picked up more than and 10 cases of recessive glasses and asked for a discount. The other is a young man, a little like a new one. Zhang said to the young man, the last time I bought here is 5% off. The salesman asked Zhang to write his name to him, he can immediately check to confirm.

Zhang wrote his name to the salesman, the salesman in the computer to check up. Less than two minutes, the clerk put the file to fill out the six months ago, the customer file out, check correct, confirmed the last Zhang is to buy the 5% off. The young man immediately said that the discount is still sold to zhang.

to tell the truth, for the Hongkong salesman’s move, Zhang also feel very surprised. Because he had just had the feeling that he is half a year ago in the store to buy, but can not confirm, if they do not go to check their own shopping records, insist on price, maybe they will buy other businesses. But did not let him think that he was filled in six months ago to file the business was able to maintain such a good, which makes him a sense of accomplishment.

this story let us from beginning to end can feel the integrity of the merchant of Hongkong, but also let us feel the respect of Hongkong merchants to consumers. Good faith is that they can according to the customer to the original purchase of goods sold, no matter how long the time interval, the market price changes; respect is that they can create a file for each of the customer into the store consumption, and can follow the views of customers active transfer of files. Whether it is good faith, or respect, this is a responsible attitude to consumers. If, Hongkong businessmen refused to bargain for a variety of reasons, not actively to query the customer file, then this business will not be successful, customer churn is inevitable.

integrity management is the foundation of business. A store in order to win the favor of customers, to achieve long-term development, we must adhere to the good faith management. If businesses only seek immediate petty profits, rely on the survival of Kengpian consumers, promises to consumers, it will be gradually eliminated by the market. I have encountered a bad faith, eventually leading to the failure of the retail business.

once, I went to a shop to buy the sales of "hardware" on the water faucet, due to their own specifications are not clear.

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