Business placed roadside stalls easy success

now many investors do not want to work for others, but at the same time they do not have enough money to start a business, so they chose a low-cost roadside stalls. In short, disgusted with the nine to five work, do not want to work for someone else, then go to business! Cost is not much, so you can start a small business small restaurant, and then start from the roadside stalls. Is it really that simple? Roadside booth entrepreneurship is not so easy to succeed.

is currently a lot of food and beverage are starting from the roadside stalls. Roadside stalls do not rent, no property, and even do not need tables and stools, can be regarded as the food and beverage industry does not need the threshold. But today, we are the hero of the eleven, 90 after the young man, with his experience to tell you, even if it is also a roadside pit pit.

dining threshold is low, but it is difficult to do even roadside stalls

eleven, surnamed Li, because in the family 11 had this nickname. Compared with other high starting point 90 entrepreneurs, often on the millions of funds compared to eleven of entrepreneurial experience is simply regarded as a child. Because he chose the roadside stalls.

eleven original idea is very simple, he hated the work and complex interpersonal relationships, but do not want to have been idle to rely on family support. So think of the lower threshold of the restaurant.

at the beginning of eleven, is thinking of looking for a shop to do, but on a few days found either store rent, or is not people. Family advised him, since it has not done, it is better to start with the accumulation of experience in the roadside stalls. Eleven through their own observation, that the roadside stalls do not pay the rent, then Chutan time is free, the cost is not high. Eleven wisely chose to grab the cake, the reason is not to see others doing.

although no experience, but eleven still do some theoretical work, such as the target population, for industrial park office workers and student groups. Site selection is the industrial park of the roadside stalls.

said, eleven cousin and heading towards their entrepreneurial dreams begin. Spent thousands of dollars on Taobao to buy a hand made cake furnace and related ingredients. Eleven and his cousin are not exposed to these, but find a bunch of tutorials, then operating a morning, with a dozen of egg, finally came out and you can also taste the product selling. So, the Strike while the iron is hot. Chutan.

just started operating unskilled, fried eggs are not good, or is put more oil, greasy. However, eleven of them in order to highlight their own advantages, to buy the supermarket authentic peanut oil, other ingredients such as tomato sauce is also a brand. After a period of adaptation, eleven of the hand grasping cake stalls also slowly have some business.


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