Safe is more than a day

no matter what kind of business we are in, what kind of business we do, the safety factor is a very important factor. Especially for the retail shop, if the security work is not done, may all the efforts are wasted. In short, the security prevention is greater than the day, but also need to pay attention to the owners oh.

last summer, one day, neighbors, a small family of three out of the window, and their shop door locked.

"come on, it’s on fire." Suddenly, a voice rang out……

originally, Wang store because of wire aging, coupled with high temperatures in the summer, leading to fire on the wire. The flame burns quickly along the wire, and the fire will soon spread. Fortunately, someone dialed 119 in a timely manner, the blink of an eye firefighters came, and quickly put out the fire.

the firemen arrived in time, but the goods and beds in Wang’s shop were still burnt. Later, Wang asked the teacher to store all of the wires for the new, coupled with re decoration shop, spent a lot of money.

later, whenever I mention this, Xiao Wang is very emotional: "the most ruthless, this thing is to give me a lesson ah. Leisure time, we must do a good job in the store’s security measures, especially the wires, if it feels too old, must be replaced in time, do not be afraid to spend a little money and cause catastrophe."

draw lessons from Wang, I went back to his shop also carey check up. I found that the shop outside the light box of some of the old wire, and thought that tomorrow, the husband came back on the new. While thinking about hand side the light box socket to socket plug, "we" sound, I was a wire "electricity". I suddenly felt numb, limb weakness, quickly back to the store and sit on the stool to God, slowly.

also does not wait for her husband to come back, I am a God to quickly contact the electrician, the light box line all good. After all, security is greater than the day, we must take preventive measures.

is now a lot of shops in fact there is such a problem, if the problem can not be solved in a timely manner, the frequency of the circuit, it is likely to fire, so that shops destroyed. So, if we are to open a shop to do business, but also need to do a good job of security, which is a guarantee for the store business.

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