Autumn and winter air let you breast health network female bust rose

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not only improve Lily dermal cells oxygen carrying capacity, make her skin smooth and elastic, can also help the body Qi, let her breath, strong chest towering, and there is a secret, you can also have the effect to float red areola

2 eat fritillary rock candy stewed pears, clean respiratory


Xiao Qiang in her "Xiao Qiang doctrine" in the beauty of her public health food, including health care methods to keep lung throat, breast beauty with rock candy stewed pear chuanbei.


fresh Soybean Milk containing phytoestrogens "daidzein, soybean protein, isoflavone, lecithin and other substances, not only have a certain role in preventive health care of breast cancer and uterine cancer, is a kind of natural estrogen supplements.

method for making Chuanbei rock candy stewed pears:

review: autumn and winter is the body fat to keep possession of the time, the best time is breast enhancement. But many a MM used many methods for nothing, pulling the root was your lack of blood affects the development of the chest. An inside out method of breast Qi is actually from TCM theory, especially in this season a reservoir effect, you may wish to try.

lung qi, Chinese medicine experts Lily was called the best "Qingfei Qi food". It is said that the French star Sophie? Marceau’s kitchen, always put a small bag of lily, once she needs on bed play, will be a few days in advance to take Lily soup.

4 eat yam

3 drink soy milk


with rock sugar pear, can effectively clean the breathing passages, let you breathe more solid and powerful

winter drink Soybean Milk, Quhan Nuanwei nourishing tonic. In fact, in addition to the traditional yellow soya bean milk, there are a lot of patterns of soy milk, red dates, Chinese wolfberry, green beans, Lily and so on can be a mixture of soy milk.

Soybean Milk 200 grams, 59 grams of rice; the amount of sugar. Soybean Milk water with rice Tongzhu as porridge, or rice porridge as usual method, the cooked with Soybean Milk, continue to boil into a porridge, flavored sugar, 2 times a day. This side Buxu lean, fat health of people, suitable for infirm and emaciation were eating.

The interaction of The main body of

) with fresh chopped pear pear cover, cover, take a few toothpicks from the top down fixed.


breast milk yam

1). The pear washed, cut from the top cover with a spoon of pear, pear heart out into the middle, and a few grains of sugar fritillary.

1 often eat lily, Qingfei Qi

3) put the pear in a cup or a large bowl, add water, put in the pot stew for about 35 minutes, until the whole pear into a transparent color can be!

yam is invigorating Qi food, where physical deficiency or chronic illness Qi, should eat the most beneficial. At the same time, yam also has a good effect of breast.

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