The world’s ten baby stroller brand rankings

era of development so that the baby will no longer have to travel adults hard to hold, the baby began to give play to their role. In fact, each baby is a new life, the birth of each baby represents the hope of happiness and harmony, so young mothers will want their children to grow up healthy. When we go shopping or go out to play always want to give their children at home can be as comfortable, then we will take the baby car to let the children at home, lying comfortable to watch world, from time to time we will give children a few photos of life.

choose a good baby car is every young mother is always anxious to pick up the mother and child supplies, then how should we choose? Xiaobian for everyone to collect 10 famous brands for young mothers reference. Now, let’s get to know the world’s top ten baby stroller brand list.

world’s top ten baby stroller brand NO1- Baer baby stroller

Germany Bair Baer stroller. Baer brand products have been adopted by the European Union of German Chinese mandatory certification, 3C certification, the main products sold in the EU market, quality assurance, low price brand flagship multi-functional stroller in Taobao last month sales of more than 4000, many styles, multiple functions, good quality and low price, welcome by the mother.

world’s top ten baby stroller brand NO2-Quinny baby stroller

Holland Quinny baby stroller. At home can often see foreigners to use a baby stroller, do not know whether we still remember Jackie Chan brother’s "treasure plan", after the hook in the back of the car speed, bumps, still intact Quinny Buzz, you to its quality should be aware of. For this brand of baby stroller, everyone’s evaluation on the two words: large, expensive! But it’s really good.

world’s top ten baby stroller brand NO3- Seebaby baby stroller

Nordic seebaby Seebaby stroller. Baby Boutique car industry leader. Focusing on the high-end market, to provide quality products for children and a range of services for customers, with expensive imported fabrics, exquisite workmanship, excellent quality, exquisite details to the site, not only is the representation of the European style, is a combination of Chinese and Western culture perfect, each product is of Oriental features. Products are mainly exported to Europe, the United States, Australia, the Middle East, South America, Southeast Asia and other more than and 30 countries and regions, and has a long-term cooperation with large supermarkets.

world’s top ten baby stroller brand NO4-design baby stroller

Germany ABC desi>

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