Do you see wangshunge food reform

food safety problem is one of the great challenges facing the catering industry, this is not good to do not mention the restaurant business. Food reform needs to focus on the rectification of the army is the issue of food safety supervision, only the guarantee of food security is the premise of consumer trust.

in the current "chronic disease" outbreak, food safety and health issues are still outstanding at March 10th, wangshunge food group to the society a solemn promise: use only non GMO organic pressed oil, for the health of consumers escort! Mr. President Jiang Junxian Chinese cooking association said: "in the China catering sector, dare to use only the non public commitment GMO pressed oil enterprise, Wang is the first."

according to experts, edible oil is one of the important ingredients in the food and beverage industry and people’s daily lives, edible oil is directly related to the quality and safety of people’s health. In recent years, coronary heart disease, arteriosclerosis, hyperlipidemia and cerebrovascular accident, cancer and other diseases, "blowout" outbreak, and excessive consumption and quality of edible oil is not unrelated. Therefore, the quality of edible oil used by catering enterprises is one of the important links in the construction of healthy china.

There are 17 stores,

wangshunge catering group at the beginning of 2016, the use of edible oil all updates to non GMO organic soybean oil crushing. This means that wangshunge food group "green, health, environmental protection" dining concept has been further improved, and the concept of "organic" security as the brand strategy to create, to become the "customer trust" wangshunge food and beverage brands.

wangshunge Bread Soaked in Fish Head Soup founder and President Zhang Yaqing said: "the oil from the start wangshunge ‘change’, is mainly due to the family home to have a look sick, nutritionists say that you eat no oil, save method is improper, wangshunge to store a look, the store for oil is not the best, then how I do? And the staff in the store to eat two meals a day, we changed the oil to eat? How do I can use two diners? Oil? If the use of non GMO organic pressed oil, oil cost at least a year to raise the matter I consider 4489, for one or two years, finally determined by non GMO squeeze oil." MS Zhang Yaqing argues that hunger breeds discontentment, people pay more and more attention to health and food safety issues, since wangshunge is catering, do is relating to people health and safety to eat big entrance. Diners are so recognized wangshunge brand, we have to live up to all the "trust", try our best to let the guests into the shop, eat peace of mind.

in order to solve the existing long-term use of high quality edible oil, but also reduce the cost of the problem, wangshunge restaurant group and Dalian xinglongken Organic Oil Co. for strategic cooperation, xinglongken organic cultivation base in the outskirts of the city, away from the forest.

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