Nipple discharge is not breast cancer ‘s health network

in clinical practice, many women find themselves nipple discharge is very scared, worried that he had cancer. In fact, nipple discharge is the cause of a variety of species, not just get breast cancer. Breast cancer with nipple discharge is rare, accounting for about 1.3%-7%. Of course, once nipple discharge, it is necessary to seek medical treatment in order to clarify the cause. Don’t think that is the "unspeakable disease" rather than medical treatment.

, such as intraductal papilloma, the overflow of the liquid is bright red blood, of course, a small number of this liquid is also found in ductal carcinoma of the breast. If the nipple is a breast duct obstruction, the overflow of liquid purple black and brown, this is because the bleeding in the milk tube blocking time is longer, not timely discharge. If the outflow is yellow or greenish yellow, it is often a manifestation of cystic hyperplasia of the breast, occasionally seen in breast cancer. If it is a latex like discharge, visible after termination of lactation. If it is serous colorless liquid, mainly in early pregnancy or breast cystic hyperplasia.

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