Preliminary line network planning is ready to start building a light rail in Xining

Xining after the light rail! January 4th, the reporter learned from the two sessions held in Xining, Xining will start the construction of light rail line 1 during the test section. At present, the early line network planning has been done, will be submitted to the relevant departments for approval.

it is understood that the urban light rail is an important form of urban rail construction, but also the world’s most rapid development of rail transport. Light rail locomotive weight and passenger capacity than the general train is small, the use of light rail quality, only 50 kilograms per meter, so called "light rail". City light rail has a large capacity, high speed, low pollution and low energy consumption and good operation, safety and other advantages, as an effective carrier to improve the situation of city traffic, has become an important choice of the modern metropolis, the light rail to facilitate passenger travel to a great extent, so that the residents enjoy a better quality of life. Light rail is also more in line with the standards of green transportation, rail extension of the large-scale municipal facilities, more conducive to the comprehensive management of the environment. In recent years, with the accelerated pace of urbanization in China, Chongqing, Shanghai, Beijing and other cities have built the urban light rail.

according to the Xining Municipal Development and Reform Commission Director Song Chenxi introduction, at present, Xining light rail line 1 test line network planning work is over, the plan will be submitted to the relevant departments for approval. Light rail will be built in the city of large traffic, the population is relatively concentrated areas, in order to effectively alleviate the pressure of population and traffic resources in Xining, automotive and transportation facilities for the Xining city governance play an active role.


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