9 city and county people enjoy the central government financial assistance

2012 annual financial support of the central demonstration project of the development of social organizations – Qinghai Hui Salar aid social assistance service project was officially launched after the implementation of 9 counties in the province to carry out various forms of relief activities, as of August 7th, has been through education assistance, medical assistance, poverty alleviation and condolences to the full payment of the central government allocated 23 yuan of funds.

according to reports, since June 2nd, the project has been in Xunhua, Longhua, and the people, Datong, Huangzhong, Qilian, Xining, Haiyan Menyuan, solitary, poor, single aid college students and middle school students in 112, the cumulative distribution of education aid more than 19.5 yuan; the three major medical clinic activities in Minhe County before gate source Township, county Yin Tian Xiang, Qilian County, the town of Moeller, and Han, Hui and Tibetan, Mongolian and other ethnic groups and the masses of more than and 600 people, free drugs worth 12 thousand yuan, and to distribute publicity materials, the creation of temporary classroom methods such as health care knowledge. In addition, the project also help poor patients with critical illness 3, payment of medical assistance payments 12 thousand yuan; to 100 poor people receive basic living supplies assistance has also been completed according to plan, issued a total of 11 thousand yuan worth of goods. As of August 7th, the project has been distributed throughout the Qinghai central government allocated 230 thousand yuan of funds, the overall implementation of the project progress of up to 100%.


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