Huangyuan Chinese mother’s day to wake up the world earnest filial affection

Mother’s mind is broad, the mother’s feelings are deep, the mother’s milk is sweet…… Chinese mother, no language can express people’s respect for you; no one can describe people’s admiration for you. "Tea horse business" in August this year, was destined to be bustling, destined to warm everywhere, destined to be filled with the breath of traditional culture! The 19 day, the second session of the Huangyuan Chinese mother festival opening ceremony and the fourth queen mother of King ceremony will be held in the hometown of the mysterious implication of Huangyuan County Zong Jia Gou, the West Queen worship ceremony and folk culture exhibition, international academic forum…… A colorful cultural activities will once again attract domestic and foreign tourists eyeball.

"into the Queen’s hometown, the memory of the Chinese mother", once again, high grade, high king mother ceremony, also will attract many tourists to visit the ceremony outside the province, on the expression of the Chinese mother’s reverence.

into Huangyuan and a cultural feast

will be Taiwan, Southeast Asia and Hong Kong and Macao both inside and outside the province of experts and scholars, celebrities, officials and many tourists come to visit the ceremony. During the event, will be held in the mother and queen culture lectures, Qinghai Province Women’s work exhibition, Qinghai province women hand exhibition of outstanding works, Dan Junggar rhyme flow folk concert, "Dan Junggar wind" folk costumes and folk crafts and local special snack fairs and other rich and colorful cultural activities.

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