Cheng Lihua stressed that research in Xunhua poverty alleviation work try to identify the target to

March 23rd to 24, vice governor Cheng Lihua of Xunhua Salar Autonomous County Industrial Park, the village school, cultural station room and other research guide of poverty alleviation work, visit condolences poor households, interpretation and discussion, and the county rural village cadres policy, interrogation pulse.

Cheng Lihua stressed to the general secretary Xi Jinping series of important speech as a guide, adhere to the precise poverty alleviation, precise poverty basic strategy, identify try and clear target, the establishment of accurate poverty ledger, strictly implement the incentive mechanism, strengthen the dynamic management. It is necessary to highlight the development of characteristic industries and support the development of cultural industries, such as handicrafts and folk dances. To strengthen the transfer of employment of poverty focus, focus on the development of modern farming, breeding, strengthen the occupation skill training, and strive to make the poor labor can master 1 rich skills; pay attention to the service brand building, Hand-Pulled Noodle support economic transformation and upgrading, expand the brand effect, to attract more labor employment. We should actively explore ways to get rid of the income of assets, increase the income of the poor, and increase the income, property, policy and operating income through the quantification of the equity shares of the assets, the government procurement of services, the implementation of industrial poverty alleviation projects and so on. To get rid of poverty through education "as the fundamental measure to try out completely to grasp, the full implementation of the education subsidy policy, accelerate the bilingual teaching, strengthen kongchuo Bao Xue efforts to block the intergenerational transmission of poverty. We should conscientiously implement the social security overall poverty, cogent "Yingbaojinbao, should help do help implement policies to ensure that the bottom is not broken.


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