Create a city of happiness to enhance strength for the comprehensive management of drainage in Huang

in recent years, the municipal government has increased year by year in Huangshui River Basin comprehensive management efforts, and constantly enhance the city emergency ability. 2012, the municipal government invested 10 million yuan for Xining drainage company, for the purchase of drainage emergency rescue equipment, to further enhance the level of drainage services and emergency response capacity. At the same time, to strengthen the city drainage pipeline and city sewage treatment plant to fine management, fine management mode into the city drainage facilities construction, maintenance and management, sewage treatment work, also formulated the "Xining city drainage network fine management standards (Draft)" and "Xining city sewage treatment plant fine management standards (draft)", and effectively promote the scientific management of city drainage.

equipment: the government invested tens of millions of dollars to help flood control

in recent years, with the increase in the amount of rain in our city, flood season safety work led to the city leaders attach great importance to. To this end, the municipal government invested 10 million yuan of special funds for anti pollution emergency rescue vehicles, cleaning truck, sewage suction truck, excavator, fast pipe endoscope detector, gas detector, underground hydraulic power station, flood control and inspection of vehicles and other equipment, to ensure that the rainstorm and out of danger. At the same time, in order to avoid the occurrence of a blowout occurred when the storm cover drift, causing harm to people and property, but also purchased 200 sets of flood control, anti-theft manhole cover. Today, in addition to the manhole cover is stolen, with the increase of large vehicles in the city, the number of covers damaged gradually increased. The next step will be to buy 500 sets of flood prevention security covers, to ensure the safety of people’s lives and property.

dredging: 70 days dredging more than and 700 km pipeline network

for the management and maintenance of drainage facilities, in accordance with the work plan, the drainage company began in March each year on the more than and 150 road with more than two months, more than and 700 km drainage, more than 40 thousand drainage wells, to conduct a comprehensive dragnet inspection, dredging and dredging, for replacement and repair of damaged manhole cover. For a short time and is prone to sudden increase runoff place to focus on the investigation, according to the district optimal drain inspection line, arrange 24 hours and holidays for flood duty duty system, the inspection system, work meticulous, avoid delay, leakage protection and drainage work to do, no blind spots, no loopholes.

: sewage plant construction to improve the environment in Huangshui River Basin

I have been built the first sewage treatment plants, second sewage treatment plants, sewage treatment plants and third sewage treatment plant capacity from 2007 84 thousand and 500 tons / day now has increased to 207 thousand and 500 tons / day sewage treatment.

At present,

, fourth, fifth sewage treatment plant under construction, will be completed in 2014, the construction scale of 30 thousand tons of sewage treatment, after the completion of the two sewage treatment plants, to improve the quality of water environment in Huangshui River Basin, the optimization of city drainage pipe network and sewage treatment plant construction system has played a positive role. At the same time, in order to improve the rate of sewage treatment, to ensure the establishment of a national "model city" smooth development, today;

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