Chongqing entrepreneurial enthusiasm

public business, since the innovation of the call issued, each city into the boom of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial enthusiasm of the highest in Chongqing area. Chongqing region to improve the investment environment, entrepreneurial enthusiasm all over the country, in 2015 has emerged a large number of entrepreneurs, causing concern.

"innovation" in Chongqing, telling their story.


class of start-ups covering all industries

grass-roots entrepreneurial projects are high-end, creating a "returnees" are migrant workers, now entrepreneurship throughout Chongqing in various industries, sectors.

3 years ago in Austria to get a doctorate, Li Zhifeng gave up the foreign enterprises preferential treatment, returned to Chongqing in partnership with the students founded the "quantum cat children’s science and Technology Museum", to provide experience for the children’s science education. Now this way of education recognized by the market, they have been opened in Chongqing 3 science and Technology Museum, last year, the overall operating income of more than 200 yuan.

Not only

see electricity supplier development opportunities, Kaixian migrant workers Zhou Shengfu couple founded in the local garment factory. Last year, the garment factory annual output value of nearly 10 million yuan, ranking first in Chongqing clothing electricity supplier.

"new development of our city micro enterprises pay more attention to the quality of development, business structure has also been optimized." The city of Industrial and Commercial Bureau responsible person, at present in our city to enjoy the business subsidies 156 thousand and 500 households encouraged by micro enterprises, college graduates, migrant workers, unemployed workers, demobilized soldiers and other groups founded the science and technology innovation, e-commerce, energy saving and environmental protection, cultural creative micro enterprise, the proportion of the more expanded.

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