Datong earthquake Office actively participate in the science and Technology Week campaign

according to the State Council on the third week of May each year to carry out a unified national "science and Technology Week" campaign and the requirements of "Datong County Science and Technology Week 2012 arrangements", May 2012 23 – 25 days, the Earthquake Office actively participated in the county within the county to carry out the "join hands in building an innovative country" as the theme "science and Technology Week" campaign.

in order to do a better job of earthquake disaster prevention and publicity work, to better promote the knowledge of earthquake disaster prevention and mitigation, and improve the county people, primary and secondary school students to learn science, science and enthusiasm. In Chengguan Town, treasure Township, Bayi Road, Datong community, a treasure trove of middle school is carried out with the knowledge of earthquake disaster reduction, rural housing construction seismic knowledge, earthquake science knowledge to the content of the science into the community, into the campus, into the township publicity activities, during the display panels 12, 1 banners and propaganda materials more than 2000 copies, watch the number of more than 3000 people. Publicity at the same time on-site consultation and explanation.

through the campaign, not only to promote the popularization of knowledge of earthquake disaster reduction plays, and effectively improve the students’ awareness of the broad masses of people and earthquake disaster prevention and mitigation and self rescue, to campaign to.


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