Huangyuan farmers to get rich able to perform wonders

in recent years, Huangyuan county and Pingxiang rely on abundant stone resources, rely on the stone processing craft, cultivate a variety of types of stone processing expert team, the Pingxiang and Mongolia road in the village became known as "stone village", the villagers "able to perform wonders" onto the road to get rich, "chisel" stone "chisel" a new life.

, in order to protect the continuation and development of this industry, the Huangyuan county government to actively guide and support, strengthen the industry before, during and after all in one service, built a plant for the Mongolia village, to purchase a full automatic cutting machine and other advanced equipment, the "Mason village" to complete the manual workshop production to change the cluster type production, promote the rapid growth of leading enterprises, promote the steady development of stone industry, formed a rich industry, combined with the scale of decentralized management and processing area management, lead the masses on the stone on the way to get rich. The production of stone products in Xining City, Hainan province pin, Haixi, Yushu, Golog, are exported to Gansu, Sichuan and other places. Currently, the township specializing in stone processing larger 4, with an annual income of $600 thousand, a smaller scale of 9, with an annual income of about $60 thousand, nearly 300 people engaged in stone processing industry. (author: Wang Xiaofang Dong Shuai)

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