Xining north of the city accelerate the process of Urbanization

in 2014, the city of Xining based on the north of the park, the expansion of the park and the city to expand the standard, accelerate the transformation of shanty towns, the demolition of the old city area, to promote urban and rural construction and urbanization process.

due to the rural district of Xining city north of the city area, the old buildings, the urbanization process difficult, alleviate the city two yuan structure to improve the housing conditions of the poor people, and enhance the urban carrying capacity, accelerate the development of regional economy, North District adopted scientific planning, priority, step-by-step implementation of the principle, the angle and so on area, shantytowns, the construction of new countryside and promote the comprehensive, "village to community" project construction.

it is understood that, as of the first half of the 14 shantytowns were carried out, a total of 13160 sets of affordable housing, benefiting the masses of more than 3 people. Has now started the project (including Xianfang repurchase project) 4677 sets of construction, some after years of long-standing shed reform project is being carried out in an orderly manner, is expected to start the upcoming 2800 sets. And the use of "urban land linkage" mechanism, on the road, Qi source city, the Yangtze River Road East, tamie estate three and Qilian road and other key area transformation angle. Complete the transformation of the 15 Menyuan Road area of 670 thousand square meters on the demolition project. Comprehensively promote the stone Lei, Tao Xin and North Tao Jiazhai, apricot village four village building, starting 20 million yuan investment in the Beichuan River, the new rural community projects, to build a modern new community atmosphere, and distinctive cultural memory. Promote the reform of the household registration management system to ensure the realization of the 28923 people to the village to turn task.


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