The 25 year old woman’s chest ‘s health network maintenance rules


make the chest fullness and elasticity, to strengthen the chest muscles, do some pushups and single, parallel bars movement; or a day sooner or later, deep breathing several times, but also can promote breast growth. Swimming through the water pressure on the chest to massage, helps even well-developed chest.

mall of every hue bras are on the curve in the improvement of chest. Knead bead massage bra, through the friction between the skin and stimulate the breast points, to achieve the purpose of breast; middle buckle bra, the two breasts to the middle of the clamp, to help you "ting" chest. Cotton padded bra to wear up the feeling of fullness than before, but always feel not your.

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China that traditional female chest walk very embarrassed, in fact, if not corrected in time will not only affect the development of the chest, but also the formation of A. Therefore, should walk to keep the back straight, abdomen, arm, the overall feeling of the upper body upward. When sitting, should the chest rise, straighten this curve will appear chest moving. The rest should be taken side, supine posture, not prone to sleep in order to avoid squeezing the breast to suffer.

in fact when choosing a bra can be considered small, small and not really buy smaller bras, but slightly smaller number of models on the choice, if you normally wear a full cup, in fact you wear 3/4 cup can be had; if you wear 3/4 cup, so more suitable for you may 1/2 cup. No matter what model you choose, should first try. Really feel comfortable after buying.

2, bra can change the size of your chest

in addition, in the diet should also pay attention to eat some foods rich in vitamin E and vitamin B. Because vitamin E can promote the development and perfection of the ovary, so that mature egg cells increased, luteal cells increased. The egg cell is an important place to secrete hormones, when estrogen secretion increased, will stimulate breast development. Therefore, we should eat some foods rich in vitamin E, such as cabbage, cabbage, sunflower oil, rapeseed oil etc.. Vitamin B is an essential component of estrogen synthesis in vivo, foods rich in vitamin B2 are animal liver, kidney, heart, eggs, milk and milk products beauty. Foods rich in vitamin B6 grains, beans, lean meat, yeast, etc..

3, scientific diet

1, the correct posture can make your chest curve obvious

4, good exercise

breast size depends on the number of breast tissue and fat. Women aged 20 – 25 years old, is the best period of breast development. Therefore, a moderate increase in the amount of fat in the chest is the most natural and healthy way to improve the stiffness.

[picture]5 center hand massage chest firming step for small chest UPUP (/11) [

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