The eastern rewards the first batch of 7 talents

in recognition of advanced, give full play to the exemplary role of outstanding talent, in January 9th, the district Party committee, the district government in recognition of the region’s first batch of 7 outstanding talents, to each outstanding talent each reward $20 thousand.
the first batch of 7 by the recognition of outstanding talents are Wang Xiaohui, Li Yajuan, Yang Youzhu, Bao Zhiwei, Liu Jinping, Ma, Jackie left chuangxianzhengyou congruent, they work in their respective positions, and achieved excellent results, the cause of the industry led the cadres and workers to join the positive influence and power in the East, the new the construction of the east. It is understood that the region in recent years to further implement the strategy of "talent strong zone", the establishment of financial guarantee mechanism, the annual arrangements in the budget not less than 1 million yuan of funds earmarked for personnel work, personnel training, introduction and management, to further create a virtuous and energetic and promising and "respecting labor, knowledge, respect talents" good atmosphere, the emergence of a number of different fields and different industries can promote the innovation and development of outstanding talents. According to statistics, as of now, the district a total of 3279 professionals, among them, the party and government personnel 472 people, professional and technical personnel 1224 people, management and technical personnel 1260 people, 90 rural practical talents, social management personnel 233 people, the total amount of the overall quality of personnel and improve the working mechanism and development environment, talent further optimization.


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