Call taxi the first half is expected to achieve

rushed to the airport by plane, can you encounter the rush hour, the taxi is not good, if there is a call to call a taxi, I believe you will tread on air. In the future, this only appeared in the film, television and other cities in the country before the telephone booking taxi service, ready to be achieved in the first half of the city.

reporter in February 17th from the city traffic bureau, for the convenience of the public taxi, to meet the personalized needs of the taxi this year, the municipal government will have plans to put a number of taxis in the market, take on call taxi service business. Municipal Development and Reform Commission and other relevant departments will also call taxi trial operation hearing, solicit, listen to the views of all parties.

reporter learned that the current call taxi running mode, the color will be different from the current taxi running on the road.

vehicle difference: call the taxi will be in the vicinity of the designated place to stop, the color is not the same as the current operation of the taxi, dome light is also different, and do not take part in the parade on the road.

driver management: taxi drivers involved in the call service business, the city will be responsible for the recruitment of the company through the city, and self-management.

specific price: Municipal Development and Reform Commission and the Municipal Transportation Bureau will invite the community to participate in the trial operation of taxi call hearing, and the specific price, call a taxi call service fees and other related issues, will be determined at the end of the hearing.


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