Wang Lingjun stressed in Xining research efforts to consolidate the foundation of peace building

May 23rd, the provincial Party committee, provincial Party committee secretary Wang Lingjun go to the streets, community research in Xining, stressed the need to further strengthen the comprehensive management of grass-roots work, and strive to consolidate the basis of peace building.

Wang Lingjun has deep Bayi Road, East District Subdistrict Office Cao Jia Zhai Cun City, South Beach Street office in southern Shanxi community, West District Social Management Comprehensive Information Center, visit the new residents and community service center management service center, view the floating population information input, research urban high comprehensive management of social security and the management of floating population community grid management services, the construction of three level information platform and "Long Street" new mode of trial work.

Wang Lingjun stressed that information technology is an effective platform for social management services and an important means. In the future, has not yet been completed, to accelerate the pace of construction, acquisition, entry and application of strengthening information; has been built, will further the rational allocation of resources, improve combat function, enhance the practical effect, avoid greedy big ocean, no frills, do hard. To make full use of this platform, the comprehensive management work of the tentacles extend to every corner of the society, and improve the work of network, collect useful information, to provide practical services, and play a role as a bridge between the government and public good, truly a combination of two: a timely grasp of the needs of the masses, a the head of the service of the masses, to promote the comprehensive management of social management informationization construction to lead the demonstration and. (author: Shan Yongxiang Shao Yun)

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