Xining Bureau of statistics to participate in the sunshine hotline live program


according to the Xining city "sunshine hotline" program coordination leading group arrangements, deputy director of the Xining Municipal Bureau of statistics Zhao Qiurong and related offices responsible person on the morning of March 10th, 10:00-11.00 entered the Xining City radio station "sunshine hotline" live with people directly communicate. Focusing on the Bureau of statistics work function, 2010 closely around the "four development" and the municipal government center, introduced in the continuous optimization of statistical services, innovation, business and legal construction, and the sixth census of Xining, real estate development statistics, to create a civilized city and model city environmental protection, "11th Five-Year" City Economic and social development achievements and the "12th Five-Year" period of the statistical work of the idea of the exchange.

through this interview, not only shortened the statistical departments and the broad masses of the distance, directly to the statistical work to listen to people’s real requirements, suggestions and opinions, but also to promote the statistics, enhance the visibility of statistics and statistical data transparency, set up the statistics department according to the statistics, a good image of the civil service.


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