The effect of structural reform of the supply side of the province show

reporter from the provincial government information office held a press conference on the province’s economic situation was informed that a quarter of the province’s supply side structural reform results show.

[effect] economy led by industry led to the service industry. The first quarter increase of third, the province’s industrial value accounted for the proportion of GDP reached 53.8%, the proportion increased by 3 percentage points; the third industry of the province’s economic contribution rate reached 54.3%, an increase of 2.5 percentage points, 10.5 percentage points higher than the rate of the second industry contribution.


two new industry vigorous development of new formats. The rapid growth of the province’s industrial new industries and investment in the dominant industries. A quarter of the province’s new energy industry, new material industry, Bio Industry and equipment manufacturing industry fixed asset investment grew 55.9%, 90.9%, 2.4 and 76% times, the total investment accounted for ten major advantages of industry of complete province fixed asset investment proportion of 68.3%, an increase of 27.5 percentage points. The rapid growth of investment to boost the rapid development of emerging industries, including new energy power generation growth, a quarter of the province’s industrial scale wind power capacity growth of 85.6% over the previous year, the amount of solar power increase of 24.8%, two of the new energy power generation accounted for above scale industrial power generation volume of 18.3%, the proportion of an increase of 5.7 percentage points.

[effectiveness three] technology upgrades and other traditional industries to promote the transformation and upgrading. In the first quarter, the province’s steel, ferroalloy, electrolytic aluminum and other high energy consuming industries to further eliminate backward production capacity, ferrous metal smelting and rolling processing industry, electric power production and supply industry fell. Non-ferrous metal smelting and rolling processing industry in the production of aluminum foil, copper foil and other new materials as the representative of the nonferrous metal rolling processing industry grew by 14.6%, accounting for above scale industrial added value 15.2%; Saline Lake chemical industry production technology upgrading, stimulating the rapid growth of the province’s chemical raw materials and chemical products manufacturing industry grew by 21.5%, accounting for above scale the proportion of industrial added value of 9.2%, an increase of 1 percentage points.


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