Xining City Chengdong district to repair damaged roads to ensure smooth

in the East District of comprehensive environmental remediation, slow blocking Paul Chang "hundred days of action" work as the starting point, to create a good urban environment, focus on the road, flower beds, sidewalks and other municipal facilities to improve the repair efforts, to ensure that the first stage of comprehensive environmental remediation work to achieve tangible results hundred days of action.

regulation, the area in accordance with the meticulous management of the city and the "Shuangbai" operation requirements, assigned to the jurisdiction of the primary and secondary roads leak filled, do the protection work of municipal facilities. At present, 71 Road, North Street, Bayi Road, Min Xiang, Kang Xi Yi Xiang road pavement pit, subsidence and damage repair work has been completed, a total of 564 square meters, repair; repair installation, flat road calculus 26 pieces of stone 1; repair work is completed, Delingha Road, Delingha Road, North Street Cross Boya, road, Bayi Road, Wuyi Road, subsidence, pit roadway frost, a total of 1366 square meters of road repair, asphalt paving has been completed; completion of Bayi Road, Republic Road, Wuyi Road and installation of road drainage wells and water wells facilities, total replacement and installation of 11 sets of rows of wells facilities. Clear the middle lane, South Gate, South Street, Chu Xia Jia Ying Cao Road, three-way, Wei Min Xiang 75 wells, dredge pipe 2600 meters; cover of Bayi Road Culvert damage loss for repair, maintenance cover 2, 11.8 square meters of concrete plastering; clean up small gap gas station in front of the door the drainage ditch 36 meters, 70 meters to clear the drainage tube; Republic Road, South Street, Huang Zhong Lu etc. sidewalk damage, bending guardrail maintenance, installation, installation of guardrail installation under 950.5 meters; the sidewalk column (stone) 205. At the same time, the district has also increased the traffic flow of a large part of the maintenance and inspection efforts, one by one investigation of road diseases and timely organization of repair, to protect the safety of roads.


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