The province’s two food safety centralized rectification teleconference held

12 15, the province’s two food safety centralized rectification teleconference held. Vice governor Kuang Yong attended and spoke.

the meeting pointed out that the food and drug supervision departments at all levels in the province government, we must thoroughly study and fully implement the general secretary Xi Jinping on the food safety work of a series of important speech and instructions for instructions, always adhere to the people-centered thought of the "four solid", especially the major requirements of the solid guarantee and to improve the people’s livelihood "into the food supervision practice, to ensure that the masses of all ethnic groups in the province’s safety on the tongue". From the political responsibility and mission of the height, from the perspective of public safety and improve food safety; to see and grasp the food safety supervision work from the overall situation of reform, improve food security capacity and level, to ensure that the regulation results to benefit the masses.

meeting stressed the need to correctly judge the new situation facing food safety, and strive to fight the two sections during the battle to focus on food safety regulation. To clear the responsibility of the work, we must implement the responsibility of the local Party committees and governments, must implement the responsibility of the regulatory authorities, enterprises must implement the main responsibility. To highlight the focus of the work, highlighting the key aspects of governance, highlighting food production and management supervision, highlighting the guidance of public opinion. To grasp the work of the implementation of the action to be fast, start to be ruthless, to combat quasi, strict supervision. All localities and relevant departments must take the "four most" as the starting point, firmly focus on, the courage to tackle tough, tough, and severely punish illegal and criminal acts, to ensure food safety during the festival.


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