Strengthen the structural reform of the supply side to enhance the sustained growth momentum

Premier Li Keqiang in the government work report pointed out that to strengthen the structural reform of the supply side, and enhance the continued growth momentum.

this year, the provincial government insisted on the supply side reforms to promote economic restructuring and upgrading, to seize the key links, integrated management strategy, efforts to improve the quality and efficiency of the supply system.

provincial government clearly pointed out that, in our province, to promote the supply side structural reform, must seize two key aspects: one is the provincial state-owned enterprise reform, another is to promote the two rapid development of Qaidam "".

on the corporate side, there are 18 provincial state-owned enterprises in our province. 2016 is to promote the structural reform of the supply side and the state owned enterprise reform crucial year." National People’s Congress Li Xiaosong said. "13th Five-Year" period of industrial development in our province, the quality and efficiency of economic transformation and the deepening of state owned enterprise reform and development of a comprehensive critical period, to achieve steady growth, and promote the supply side reform, vigorously promote innovation driven development, deepening the reform of state owned enterprises, with the steady growth of the overall efficiency of industry and promote the sustained and healthy development of the province’s economy.

must enhance the ability of technology innovation, accelerate industrial restructuring and upgrading, take measures to resolve the overcapacity, reducing the real economy burden." CPPCC National Committee member Hong Wei said, to start the transformation and upgrading of hundreds of projects and hundreds of innovative projects to build a distinctive feature, prominent advantages, strong competitiveness of the new industrial system. Improve the debt disposal, bad assets write off policy, properly solve the problem of personnel placement, the initiative to withdraw from the production capacity of enterprises to give support to zombie companies to stop financial subsidies and loan supply. Adhere to the internal and external co-ordination, innovation and breakthrough, to carry out special actions to reduce costs and benefits.

on the other hand, because it has a pivotal position in the province’s economic and social development, the revitalization and development of the west coast has become another key to promote the reform of the supply side structure in our province.

National People’s Congress said that at present, the development of the Qaidam has been the rolling stones up the mountain, climbing over the critical stage of hom. We must focus on the "government work report" and the spirit of the provincial government of the reform and development work conference arrangements, push forward with strong innovation, make up the short board, cost reduction, risk prevention capacity, as the focal point of the supply side structural reform, good project planning, transform and upgrade traditional industries, fostering the growth of strategic emerging industry, to further promote the state-owned enterprises, the investment and financing system reform of key areas, efforts in the development of green low-carbon cycle continues to make breakthrough.

to promote the development of the west coast, both to stimulate the activation of endogenous power, but also to increase support efforts. Connaught satellite said that the recent meeting of the provincial government of Haixi reform and development work conference pointed out that to further increase financial and financial support to enhance the level of protection of resources elements, enhance the ability of scientific and technological personnel support. And the requirements of Haixi state, effectively assume the main responsibility, establish the awareness of responsibility shoutuyouze, Shoutu responsibility, enhance the sense of urgency, Time will not wait for me. initiative as, strengthen confidence, seize opportunities, overcome difficulties and hardships;

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