The provincial capital of small and micro hotels seeking to break the weak light meter

as of September 30th this year, Xining City, a total of 104 small hotels, bed can provide 6000 Zhang, alleviate the problem of the tourist season is hard to find a room of the hotel. Tourist season, Xining small and micro hotel occupancy rate reached 100%. In October, the majority of small and micro hotel occupancy rate fell in Xining, and some have even no occupancy, small and micro hotels into the operation of the winter, the operators have come up with countermeasures.

status: a lot of small and micro hotel cheap breakout

standard room 240 yuan, now $120." October 16th, in an interview, the city of Xining, said the person in charge of The Garden House Hotel. Not only the small hotel garden tree village began to discount, eleven golden week, North District of Xining City West District, some family hotels have also lowered the price, some even discount to 62% off, "the boss calls into the off-season, not good to do business".

to the hotel is less and less people, I am anxious ah, can not be idle." October 11th, in the city of Xining science and Technology Tourism Bureau organized by the small and micro Hotel practitioners training class, a small and micro hotel in the central area of the king to learn from peers, learning peer approach to attract guests. After several exchanges with peers, Wang decided to publish a discount on the media in the province of advertising, hoping to attract guests.

similarly, located in the north of the city of Xining, the main street bridge Aetna hotel also played a preferential advertising. According to the hotel’s security manager, the tourist season, the hotel occupancy rate has reached 100% for three consecutive months, from late September to eleven golden week after the hotel occupancy rate as the tourist season, sometimes the occupancy rate of less than 3. At present, in addition to the introduction of a number of hotels hit half off, 62% off such a large discount to allow other activities, is thinking about other marketing strategies.

: real discount is not a permanent solution

"although many family hotels have launched low-cost activities, but this is not the fundamental solution to the problem." West District, a family hotel, Lee think so.

Li think, the tourist season, especially in our province’s tourist season, tourist hotels don’t have to worry about the problem, but the tourism season is more obvious, a large, compared to the off-season, the well-known social Hotel, family hotel source of the problem of defects revealed, relying on low prices to attract customers, perhaps can solve the trapped, but after all, not a permanent solution.

in order to ensure the source, Li’s family hotel increased publicity on the network. They work with an online travel service company to try to solve the problem of vacancy rates. In addition, Lee’s family hotel or a number of enterprises and institutions of the agreement, the agreement to ensure that the lowest price for the year, and give priority to housing. To do so to maximize the absorption of members in order to ensure the income of the off-season. "Even in the off-season to attract a limited number of guests, but we can also use the Internet to spread space, enhance the awareness of our hotel, in the long run;

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