Xining issued 127 million yuan benefit farmers to benefit from subsidies to farmers in 270 thousand

people come to early spring. Now, it is all over Xining farmers are busy sowing season of hope, in order to fully support the spring plowing, the city of Xining in time for the 270 thousand farmers and food subsidies paid comprehensive agricultural subsidies 127 million yuan.

this year, the city of Xining to increase grain subsidies, grain subsidies will be increased from 45 yuan per mu in 2011 to $75 per mu. Which food subsidies from 15.2 yuan per mu to raise to $30.2, agricultural subsidies from $29.8 per mu increased to $44.8. In order to ensure the timely and full payment of food subsidies, Xining city finance departments at all levels according to the area of grain, grain production and the amount of goods with accounting, through the township and county layers of verification report strictly, and ensure the authenticity and accuracy of data reported. At the same time, the implementation of village public system, the village will post the public area, farmers subsidies subsidy standards, the amount of subsidy, accept supervision by the masses. Subsidies from the grass-roots financial sector through the "one card" form of direct payment to farmers, all subsidies to honor the work completed by the end of March. (author: Zhou Jianping)

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