To contribute to building a prosperous civilized harmonious and beautiful new Qinghai

9 2 July, the Qinghai armed police corps Party Standing Committee convened to further study and implement the spirit of the internship arrangements for the general secretary visited Qinghai during an important speech, in order to realize the reform of military forces and the officers and men to actively boost the social and economic development of Qinghai and national unity and progress of ecological civilization construction and the full deployment, proposed the implementation of initiatives.

meeting the requirements of troop levels and the officers and soldiers to study and implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi visited Qinghai during an important speech, especially to the sincere greetings and deep concern Mr Xi met troops stationed in Qinghai, leading cadres above division and regimental commanders to all the officers and men of the army, into the reform, is the wind Su Ji, as the spiritual power and the actual mission, to serve the people, with the spirit of a more active political consciousness and mission consciousness firmly follow as the general secretary of the requirements of the speech.

session, at all levels should be more strict party’s political discipline to build strong political party committees at all levels, under the above rate with troops, promoting military political ecological purification, style and atmosphere continued to improve; to focus on strengthening training to prepare troops can win the war, to promote the system of combat readiness in case of real precision, ensure the security on duty target effective and unexpected terrorism; to give full play to the army team propaganda team combat team, to carry out precise poverty, student assistant and ecological protection construction activities, and actively promote the harmony and stability of Qinghai’s economic prosperity, national unity, social progress and ecological security in Qinghai.


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