Cases of fake and shoddy food cases

The food and drug regulatory system actively coordinating local industry and commerce authorities, from the early September began to crack down on undocumented sales, no legitimate source of food business, counterfeiting and infringement of the "five no" food as the main content of the agricultural and pastoral areas of food market four hit four specification "special rectification action in the province, has achieved results. At present, the circulation of food inspection 10503 households, 15 households and businesses operating without license, fake food case 102, seized 1175.5 kilograms of fake food. The focus of the action, to carry out a special inspection of agricultural and pastoral food market. Local food safety supervision departments to actively carry out undocumented cleanup work, to crack down on the illegal sale of non legitimate sources of food. For not complying with the provisions to implement the purchase inspection and inspection records system, cable card tickets or tickets not all 59 households ordered rectification of 12 households from non formal channels to purchase food or food raw materials for food production and management investigation. Over drinks, wine, dairy products, children’s food, bean products, salted and smoked products, spices, edible oil as the focus, strengthen the no manufacturer, no production date, shelf life, no food production license, no food labels such as "five no" food supervision. Non food substances and the abuse of additives for inspection items that may be illegal to add pathogenic microorganism, and heavy metals in food circulation, and carry out supervision and inspection.  

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