n the boundless potential of the modern commerce service center

The development trend of

, like riding a boat behind. A group of amazing digital evidence of economic development of city district activities:

1-9 months, the total GDP of 10 billion 970 million yuan, an increase of 13.7%; the per capita cash income of farmers reached $7899.3, an increase of 16.2%, the per capita disposable income of urban residents reached $14274.9, an increase of 13.5%.

completed 1-10 months, total retail sales of social consumer goods 8 billion 260 million yuan, an increase of 14.7%; investment in fixed assets 2 billion 530 million yuan, an increase of 35.8%; public budget revenue 390 million yuan, an increase of 30%; for provincial special funds 630 million yuan, up 103.2%.


this year, the strong leadership of the municipal Party committee, municipal government under the city zone around the construction of the public service center and the core business district, in accordance with the "one axis two" ideas and "sparse south live" requirements, adhere to pragmatic innovation, efforts to grasp the project, structural adjustment, economic growth, people’s livelihood and promoting stability the region’s economy and society, to maintain steady and rapid development.

industry project

economic growth Jiayuan horse

today’s project determines tomorrow’s industry, and today’s investment determines the future development. In recent years, the city district, firmly grasp the "sparse south live", adjusting the structure, grasping the project, promote growth and improve people’s livelihood and ensure social stability, adhere to the industry development and investment as an important measure to maintain rapid economic growth, to determine the beginning of 100 construction projects in the implementation of all the construction, 1-10 month fixed the assets invested 2 billion 530 million yuan, the total investment has reached more than last year, an increase higher than the city average of 3.6 percentage points.

grasp the project is to grasp the economy." The city has always been the project investment as the top priority of economic work, as the number one project to grasp, go all out to do a good job for the project. As of now, the New South Road construction project for a total investment of 10 million 300 thousand yuan, investment of 15 million 440 thousand yuan, down two Niu Gou Village relocation project, a total investment of 14 million 450 thousand Yuanlu home village school, Shenyang village primary school standardization of school construction projects, a total investment of 1 million 570 thousand yuan of the total village health centerwas room, general hospital, Shen Zhai Zhai hospitals turnover housing projects.

further strengthen the coordination of the project to ensure the smooth implementation of the project. Do a good job of major projects in the early stage and planning for the project for landing a large number of solid and effective work. To do a good job of project bidding, strict requirements of all units in accordance with the tender law and procurement law for the project bidding. Each month, the key projects are sorted out one by one, a summary of the analysis, the report of the progress of the project schedule, so that the project to promote the process of difficulties and problems encountered in a timely manner.



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