Please obey the traffic rules Xining electronic police tracking video

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in the streets "committed a thing" the driver may have experienced the intersection of electronic police. July 15th reporter came to Xining city traffic police detachment learned that the electronic police is now even more powerful, you can track the illegal vehicles.

July 15th 11, the reporter came to the Xining city traffic police detachment of the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau of the integrated command center on the ground floor, see a wall on the screen is full of big and small, showing the streets of the road situation of the 11. The police live demonstration of the new electronic police power, the electronic police control by the controller placed in the command center, the visibility is very high, the electronic police tracking scene of cars on the road, until the vehicle turning to disappear from the screen. Previously, the electronic police for illegal vehicles, are shooting 4 photos as evidence, but now the electronic police, you can track the video, more intuitive than before." Police said the operation of electronic police.

, deputy chief of the Xining city traffic police detachment traffic management department Xi Qiang said: "since we use more advanced electronic police, illegal acts of road was significantly reduced, the next step will be a comprehensive update of the electronic police, let nowhere to hide illegal behavior on the road to the provincial capital."


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