Airport bus route

day before, Xining airport passenger bus route optimization. Reporters learned that the original passenger bus route to the airport expressway to the Xiakou high-speed, via Roca Bay, Qinghai National University, Bayi Road, 71 Road, airport ticket office 51 intersection, Xining Hotel, central square, optimization: the airport expressway to Kunlun road via high-speed, Qinghai Hotel, central square, Xining Hotel, Wuyi crossing, 71 crossing, end point station for Bayi Road Xining Airport City terminal. After the route adjustment, the vehicle travel time is shortened about one hour.

at present, Xining city to the airport departure site is set to Bayi Road Xining airport city terminal, every day the first bus departure time is six o’clock, details can call the Xining airport bus Tel: 13997030201. (author: Ni Xiaoying)

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