send 350 thousand bottles of mineral water in Lanzhou City

April 11th, Lanzhou tap benzene exceeded, the major supermarkets in the city of public panic buying mineral water scene. In order to ensure the supply of mineral water supermarket, Lanzhou City Business Bureau of emergency to the surrounding area "help", the Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce, the first time to focus on water, in just 18 hours, to Lanzhou and 14715 mineral water, a total of 353160 bottles. It is understood that, in the Lanzhou area tap water benzene exceed the standard, the Bureau of Commerce of city emergency deployment, from the beginning of April 11th 14, quickly to the city wide supermarket were surveyed, and learned that the city’s major supermarket mineral water supply substantial inventory. Due to the large volume of water, time, only from the city’s two large mineral water distribution of transportation enterprise inventory, actively coordinate the two companies and the Dongchuan Industrial Park in conjunction with the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, the mobilization of human overnight from Dongchuan Kangshifu mineral water manufacturer transporting 5100 mineral water; and from the city of Wahaha the dealer transported 9615 mineral water, a total of 14715 pieces (353160 bottles). After the mobilization of mineral water, the staff began to carry out the water supply without stop. 12 am, with a total of 353160 bottles of mineral water to send water tankers to the direction of the Lanzhou highway 10. It is reported that, as of April 12th at 8 am, the city has arrived in, the Department of mineral water has been the major supermarkets in Lanzhou, for the people of Lanzhou sent a sweet, but also presented a gift to the people of Xining.  

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