Xining Local Taxation Bureau three measures to strengthen tax inspection information feedback

Xining Local Tax Inspection Bureau attaches great importance to the inspection of information communication, sharing, to take three measures to promote the work of tax inspection information feedback, to refine, depth development.

first, the establishment of tax inspection information feedback and feedback mechanism. Check the handling of information timely and collection, tax assessment department and other relevant departments, the relevant departments will eventually result to the inspection, to form a good mechanism to promote two-way interaction, effectively improve the quality of tax inspection. Two, speed up the frequency of tax audit information feedback. In the inspection found to have feedback information, instant feedback, speed up information flow speed, improve feedback frequency and work efficiency, avoid the poor flow of information, timely and not lose the desired effect of information feedback. Three, the establishment of multi angle information feedback mechanism. To realize the information feedback mechanism, such as the household information feedback, the industry information feedback, the tax information feedback and so on, to form a rich, multi-level, multi angle three-dimensional information network, which is convenient for the actual operation of the tax collection department.

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