Xining Municipal Economic Commission to implement the spirit of the seven Party Congress

the morning of October 18th, the Municipal Economic Commission (SASAC) held a serious study, learning to convey the spirit of the Thirteenth National Congress, and according to the actual implementation of the Thirteenth Party Congress spirit of a comprehensive deployment.

meeting the requirements, should learn the spirit of the Party Congress as an important content, the current and future a period of careful arrangements, meticulous organization, take effective measures, the use of various forms, concentrated time, concentrate and organize cadres and workers to seriously study, quickly set off to learn the spirit of the thirteenth National Congress of the upsurge in the Committee on. Conscientiously implement the party spirit, combined with the actual to do seven tasks: strengthening the coordination of services, ensure the completion of the annual industrial growth target, strengthen the monitoring and analysis of key areas, key industries, key enterprises and key product operation, further improve the analysis of economic operation monitoring timeliness and effectiveness; regularly carry out the analysis of industrial economic operation the programme of work, efforts to reverse the decline in industrial growth; constantly improve the monitoring and analysis of economic operation mechanism; good for enterprise coordination service, realize the steady improvement in the industrial economic growth as soon as possible; and actively take effective measures to increase investment; strengthen the supervision of state-owned assets, increasing the value of state-owned assets; to further improve the work of Party building, party the construction and mass organizations.


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